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We at the Murphy Elementary School District Maintenance/Operations/Transportation Department (MOT) values integrity, excellence, diversity, cooperation, creativity, and respectful service for our students, staff and community.


State law specifies that a local governing board may provide transportation for students to and from school. Murphy School District policy provides that students eligible for busing are those whose place of residence is:

  • Kindergarten - outside one-half mile
  • Grades 1-6 - outside one mile
  • Grades 7-8 - outside one and one-half miles
Maintenance Workers
Adam Aros
Lead Maintenance Worker III
Alejandro  Llerenas
Maintenance Worker III/HVAC
Felix Flores
Electrician, Locksmith
Refugio Aguilera
Grounds @ Sullivan School
Maria Rayos
Day Porter @ Kuban School
Eduardo Yanes
Day Porter @ Kuban School
Obdulia Cordero
Day Porter @ Sullivan School
Courier/Security/Substitute Bus Driver
Gabriel Yarrito
Eduardo Yanez

Receiving Clerk
Gabriel Yarrito
Maria Chayra
Kuban School
Julie Leyva
Kuban School
Hazel Padilla
Hamilton School
Maria Perez
Sullivan School
Aldayshunta Phillips
Hamilton School
Crossing Guards
Eduardo Espinoza
Sullivan School
Elisa Valenzuela
Kuban School

Mary Elias
Maintenance Operation and Transportation Supervisor 
Felicia Castro
Transportation Clerk