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The finance department is responsible for most aspects of schools and districts money management, including budgeting, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing.  our goal is to accurately provide the schools, students, and the community with a budget, financial planning, and related services in order to carry out the responsibilities of the district.  

The finance department is the central purchasing agency for the district. The Murphy Elementary School District strives for compliance with all federal and state procurement guidelines and regulations. the primary goal is to provide guidance so our schools and staff can get what they need for classroom instruction, within the constraints of the law. This includes providing service to both our internal customers (end-users) and external users (vendors and community).

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Our peer group are districts similar in size and demographics to Murphy.

  • In 2017 Murphy School District spent 45.4% of all dollars on Instruction, our peer group average was 51.3%.
  • In 2018 Murphy School District spent 48.4% of all dollars on Instruction, our peer group average was 51.4%.
  • In 2019 Murphy School District spent 53.3% of all dollars on Instruction, our peer group average is 52.2%.
  • In 2018 we spent $5,241 on Instruction per student.
  • In 2019 we spent $5,443 on Instruction per student...2019 the State average was $4,869 and 2019 our peer group was $4,648




Linda Cordova

Business  Manager


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Wendy Espinoza

Senior Account Technician


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Please send invoices to [email protected]

Sarah Monobe

Payroll Specialist

(602) 558-2337

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