Dennis Goodwin

My name is Dr. Dennis E. Goodwin and I am honored to be Murphy School District Superintendent. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, enjoying baseball and football and was surrounded by family and friends who worked in the education world. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree from Northern Arizona University and worked as a software system engineer and later received my MBA to further my career. After working in engineering for 20 years, it was inevitable that I would join the world of education. I decided to take an opportunity and become a math and science teacher all while earning my Master’s Degree in teacher and my doctorate in Educational Leadership.

I have been a school district superintendent for seven years, four of which were in Arizona. I specialize in resolving negative issues that have existed within specific school districts and I understand the critical aspect of school funding that is unique to Arizona schools.

When I began working at the Murphy School District in July 2018, I immediately admired the passion that our staff members and community members had for our students. Many of our community businesses wanted to take part in rebuilding our district to the once-famed history it had in the past.

One of my main goals is to provide high-quality education for our students and to prepare them for further academic successes in the future. I am excited to expand the academic progression for our students and community and I thank you all for helping us make the Murphy School District what it needs to be to meet the needs of our students.

Dr. Dennis E. Goodwin



Michele Lopez, Executive Administrative Assistant