Federal Programs

The Murphy Elementary School District Department of Federal Projects oversees may programs that provide academic and enrichment opportunities to students. We also provide family engagement activities with the goal of improving the academic achievement of students. All educational programs are made possible through a variety of funding sources Title I, Title II, Title III 21st CCLC. The district actively seeks funding to support these educational opportunities for our students.

Title I Programs

In accordance to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA) we receive funding to ensure our students are successful in their school academics. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students who are identified as failing or most at risk of failing academically. We are able to hire highly qualified teachers, reading interventionists and specialist to ensure our students continuous growth.

Academic Tutorials

Summer School Programs

Professional Development for Staff

Quality Structured English Immersion Programs

21st CCLC supports the creation of community learning which provides academic enrichment opportunities such as before/after school programs. The program supports students with academic struggles they may have, such as reading and math. Some other services provided are those for parents/guardians. We offer trainings and classes that assist the student in their academic growth and future journey.

Family/Parent Engagement

  • Parent Parties

  • ESL Rosetta Stone Classes

  • Parent Volunteering

Academic Tutorials:

  • Reading/Math/Grammar

Youth Development/Character Education:

  • Release the Fear

  • Elevate


  • Robotics/Aeronautics/Engineering

  • Dance/Art/Music

  • Technology

21st Century Community Learning Centers

What is APTT?

Academic Parent Teacher Teams is a movement to develop meaningful academic partnerships between families and school. This method brings teachers and parents/guardians together to enhance the students educational success. We create deeper understanding of ways parents/guardians can engage with their children’s education and assists with support and techniques to strengthen the engagement at home. This model is research-based and aligns depending on the students grade level, performance, and family-teacher communication & collaboration.

Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT)

Reading Lab is an integral part of the Response to Intervention (RtI) process. 

The purpose of the Reading Lab is to provide individual help to students at risk. 

 The students are assessed for benchmark skills three times a year by a trained team using the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS). The data collected from DIBELS is used to place students at risk in the reading labs for Tier 2 & 3 (see diagram below). 

 Once a student is placed in Tier 2 & 3, the student receives personalized reading instruction as determined by his/her DIBELS scores.  The skills assessed to determine tiered placement may include phonemic awareness, high frequency sight word recognition, oral reading fluency, and retell for comprehension. 

Reading Lab


Tier 3 

30 minutes daily outside the Tier 1 – Reading Block … Small groups in the Reading Lab setting 

Intensive students 

Tier 2 

15 minutes 3 days a week outside of Tier 1 – Reading Block – Push In model in the classroom 

Intensive/Low Strategic 

Tier 1 

90 minutes – whole class instruction 


Wendy Espinoza, Senior Administrative Secretary



Gloria Rivera, Federal Program Director



Sharon Erickson, District Reading Specialist 



Lupita Lopez-Chavez, Instructional Support Specialist/ District Translator



Christina Gilbert, ELL Performance Coach