• IT Director  Isaac Farm - IT Director                        
    Information Technology Department
    Murphy School District realizes that technology is becoming increasingly vital in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. In order to enhance student learning and facilitate efficient practices in our schools and departments, the IT mission is to support schools, departments, and community by providing effective and innovative technology and services. This includes aligning our department with district and state standards in support of student academic achievement. 
    Our commitment to you is to provide support by:

    • Researching and developing technology to promote growth in the district
    • Provide the technology needed to achieve academic success
    IT Collage
  • Information Technology Department Staff


    Mr. Isaac Farm



    (602) 353-5075

    Mr. Timothy Baginsk


    Network / Systems Administrator

    (602) 353-5073

    Mr. Lino Corro


    Database Administrator

    (602) 353-5068

    Mr. Gerry Hernandez


    Network Technician

    (602) 353-5072

    NEW Number:  x5078.
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