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    The Business Department is responsible for most aspects of schools and districts money management, including budgeting, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing.  Our goal is to accurately provide the schools, students, and the community with budget, financial planning, and related services in order to carry out the responsibilities of the district.
    We are continuing with the implementation of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), in conjunction with the Department of Education and other districts and partners we are ready to train our teachers, parents and staff.  All the classrooms will have an Emergency Flip Chart (Bright Orange).  Please look for it when you visit your student's classroom.   
    The 2016-2017 Proposed Budget was approved by the Governing Board, therefore, all the schools are ready to order textbooks and supplies for the classrooms.  
    The Murphy Elementary School District #21 Community passed a Special Bond Election to provide efficiency, safety, security and modernization projects for the district.  The funds are for the following purposes: 
    • General and preventive maintenance on all buildings
    • Replacement  of major systems that outlived their useful lives with more energy efficient models
    • Improvement of all school grounds and playgrounds
    • Pupil transportation vehicles
    • Technology to enhance learning opportunities
    • Furniture, fixtures and equipment to support student growth
    • Purchase land of the Murphy Health and Education Center for additional parking

    The District needs to purchase several new buses to replace outdated fleet so safe and comfortable transportation can be provided for students.  All new buses will be equipped with air conditioning and the latest safety features which are required by federal rules and regulations.