What is AzMERIT?
    AzMERIT (Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) is Arizona’s new statewide achievement test. Arizona is partnering with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop tests which are unique to Arizona.

    How is AzMERIT different from the AIMS test?
    Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) tested the old standards. Spring 2014 was the last time AIMS was administered for reading, writing, and mathematics.

    AzMERIT, based on the new standards, will tell teachers, students, and parents if students are on track to be college and career ready upon graduation from high school.

    The Arizona Science Standards did not change, so students in Grades 4, 8, and high school will still take the AIMS Science test.

    High school students graduating after December 31, 2016 will no longer be required to pass the AIMS test to graduate high school.

    Who will take AzMERIT?
    Arizona public school students in Grades 3 through high school will take AzMERIT.
    Students in Grades 3 through 8 will take an assessment in English language arts and mathematics at their grade level.

    Students taking high school level English and mathematics will take End-of-Course assessments that will test their proficiency in these subjects.

    Only eligible students with significant cognitive disabilities will participate in other alternate achievement tests.

    When will the test be given?
    Students will take AzMERIT in the spring of 2015. The testing window for schools administering the computer-based test is March 30-May 8, 2015. The testing window for the paper-based test is April 13-24, 2015. Schools will inform students and parents of specific testing dates within these windows. DVUSD will post the AzMERIT test schedules for our schools with the assessment dates for English language Arts and Mathematics in late February.

    Further information about AzMERIT:
    For Further information about AzMERIT, the Arizona Department of Education AzMERIT website has many resources: http://www.azed.gov/assessment/azmerit